Technical Services and Systems

The OneTech solution is the first Romanian software solution for the management of resources in companies that provide technical security services.


  • Increases visibility and control over technical teams
  • Improves stock management
  • Decreases the response time from customer request to it's solving
  • Optimizes the invoicing process of technical work through data accuracy
  • Tracking and performance measurement of the company’s activities


Planning installation team

The system optimizes the planning processes and gives control over the installation team of the technical systems, for monitoring each objective.

Control over the installation process and equipment installation

The system keeps records of the installments (type of equipment used, the installation team, the number of repairs and their recurrence, etc) for each objective, giving the possibility to track and monitor the equipment maintenance diagram.

Automatic invoice generation

Real-time access to all installation data maintenance of equipment, insures fast data retrieving for automatic invoicing, according to the invoicing diagram pre-established for each client and objective.

Efficient management of equipment stocks

The stocks can be optimized by the minimum/maximum safety stock. The system has the capacity to generate the necessary stock and allows tracing each item from the inflow to the outflow inventory.

Rapid fast detailed reports

The clear overview of the entire activity is given by the much-needed report system for the management team. Relevant data is generated automatically regarding the profit and loss ratio.


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