Monitoring and Intervention

OneMI is the software system fitted for the dynamics of monitoring and intervention activities, specific to security companies.

This tool insures an easy flow of the business process, through intelligent sorting algorithms and by giving a total control over operational flows.


  • Improved visibility and control over auto callsigns and crews’ intervention
  • Decreasing response time on intervention
  • Optimizing the incidents management
  • Data traceability within the entire operational flow
  • Tracking and performance measurement activities of the company


Monitoring and controlling secured objective

It gives the possibility to effectively manage the active objective, designated to each car stationary points for fast intervention from the crew, within the contract’s agreement.

Monitoring the alarms on each secured objective

It insures all the efficient management of all the valid and false alarms on each secured objective, and gives real-time tracking of every area crews’ activity.

Automatic invoice issuing

The real-time data access to all the information on the monitored objectives induces an easier process of retrieving the necessary data for automatic invoicing, according to the predetermined invoicing diagram for each client and objective.

Portfolio management and new business customers

With the help of the system you can automatically generate detailed information about each customer and you can track in real-time the status of each potential customer, from lead to active client.

Operational reports generated in real-time

OneMI provides management with the necessary tools for correct and real-time decision making, based on report analysis, relevant to the company.


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