Protection and Security

The OneGuard system is a much-needed tool for managing and efficiently planning the security of objectives with human staff. The system has been adapted to the security services climate of the Romanian market, within its specific business processes.

It enhances optimal business decisions based on comprehensive sets of reporting and analysis with data obtained in real-time.


  • Efficient allocation of personnel
  • Increasing personnel retention ratio
  • Effective management of clients and contracts
  • Obtaining real-time reports
  • Improving customer satisfaction


Optimization and organization of the objectives’ planning process

The system manages and filters all data on the capabilities and availability of each employee, for planning and assigning them on each secured objective, according to the type of contract, location and type of objective.

Client and contract management

You can keep a close look and control over the status of each client and objective in real-time, which gives you good management overview.

Managing personnel

The system keeps a clear record of each agent, giving the possibility to keep full history of the employee’s records and an efficient management of them.

Effective management requests and customer complaints

The solution provides quick management for both requests and customer complaints, inhouse incidents, by full control over how they are managed. Thus, it decreases response and solvency time, and hikes the service quality.

Records of all direct and indirect costs / activity / objective

The system issues a series of real-time reports on the profitability of each objective, a well and clear view over the expenses of each center and sub-center of costs.


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