Integrated software

OneERP is the integrated software solution dedicated to security companies.

Its aim is to ensure a high level of internal organization by integrating and coordinating all resources and information flows, and specific activities of security companies.


  • Traceability and real-time tracking of operational flow
  • Native integration on a single software platform for all industry - specific business process
  • Full and accurate records of costs
  • Obtaining real-time management reports
  • Increasing the quality of sales


Optimizing and organizing the operational flow

The system was developed to simplify the business processes within each department and onto the entire company, by integrating all the activities within the company. Thus, each user can manage work in an efficient manner, avoiding human errors.

Management of documents and security crew

Because of the data stored on a single data base, the system manages a proper flow of documents specific to the activity of the client.

Operational process automation

You can easily track every client’s contract and automatically generate all the necessary documents from drafting to billing, within pre-established parameters.

Effective management of requests and customer complaints

The solution provides complete management of customer`s requests and complaints including inhouse incidents, by keeping a complete record of their solving. Thus, one can obtain complete reports of each claim in real-time status.

Detailed reports in real-time

The advantage of quick access to all details regarding each type of activity, as well as of all expenses on every unit and subunit of costs, is boosted by relevant reports on profitability of each objective.


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